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Oron Special Cables

Oron Special Cables – is a business division of the A.D.R. Oron Company that specializes in the marketing and supply of special cables adapted to any industrial needs and/or specifications, standards, and levels of durability.

Oron Special Cables is the Israeli representative of leading international cable manufacturers and maintains an available inventory for rapid delivery of special cables: Cables for solar energy systems, electric cables, halogen-free cables and wiring, control and robotic cables, and communication cables in various sizes and specifications, all of which meet Israeli and international standards where needed.  

The company, which brings to the market the message of Tailor-Made products in the field of special cables, views its clientele as strategic partners and puts its professional knowledge and experience at their disposal, starting from the phase of adapting the type of cable required according to the required standard, durability, and specifications, for locating the appropriate manufacturer, out of the variety represented by the company and until its delivery at the most compatible price and required quality. 

Electrical Equipment for Solar Energy Systems

The Cables’ Properties


“Green” and Environmentally Friendly


Durable in High Temperatures





to Harsh Environmental Conditions

Sun Resistant

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