Xtrem H07RN-F

Uses & Applications

» The H07RN-F cable is compatible with a moderate mechanical load in a dry, humid, or wet environment and, therefore, for permanent installation in the open air under direct sunlight or in a closed canal.

» H07RN-F cables have multiple functions and uses in motors, submersible pumps, including potable water, and electrical equipment such as ovens, drills, portable equipment and machinery, crane power feed, and domestic and industrial power tools.

» Also compatible for direct placement on mechanical parts.

» Flexibility and outstanding mechanical strength.

» Manufactured from state-of-the-art materials with properties much improved over standard neoprene cables.

Technical Data and Conditions for Installation

» Class 5 Flexibility

» Working temperature

 in movement -25° to +90°C

in permanent installation -40° to +90°C

» Short-circuit temperature 250°C for 5 seconds.

» Working voltage 450/750V.

» Minimum bending radius: 

In movement 4X, the cable’s diameter

 In a permanent installation, 3X the cable’s diameter

» External installation includes in the open air and underwater.

» Abrasion resistant

» Moderately resistant to mechanical shock AG2

» Water resistant AD8

» Approved for drinking water.

» Mineral resistant

» Excellent resistance to chemicals and oils

» Torsion resistant

» Flame retardant

The Cable’s Structure

» Class 5 flexible bare copper conductor

» Thermal rubber insulation

» Thermoplastic rubber outer sheath

» Black color

Compatible Cable Types

» Electrical power cable, control cable

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