Electrical Equipment for Solar Energy Systems

Electrical Equipment for Solar Energy Systems

A.D.R. Oron Company deals in the marketing and sales of a diverse collection of electrical accessories and equipment for industry and construction, electric cables, communications cables, professional technical equipment for electricians, equipment for solar power, work tools, and designed light fixtures, light fixtures and bulbs, and electrical products for the home.

Since the company’s establishment during the 1970s, over 40 years ago, A.D.R Oron, “the professionals’ wholesaler,” – is synonymous with service and quality in the field of electricity in Israel.

The Solar Energy Systems Equipment Department at A.D.R. Oron developed over the past decade. The company has become the leading supplier in the field where a contractor installing solar energy systems can receive all the required electrical equipment for the installation’s completion directly to the worksite.
We import and market cables, connectors, splitters, signage, wire boxes, cable locks, and more.
Everything is available in stock and for immediate delivery.                                                                                                       

A.D.R Oron markets the original connectors MC4 and MC4 EVO2 manufactured by the Swiss corporation Staubli Multi-Contact.

These are the only connectors that save you money – less resistance, less heating, more conductivity, and higher electrical output for many years!

Through our website, you can also order in a simple and fast way.

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