Statement of Accessibility

We, at the Oron Special Cables for Industry website, view with the utmost importance in facilitating the website’s accessibility to those with disabilities and enable continuous, clear and smooth browsing between the site’s components for the entire population, including those with disabilities.

Accordingly, we spared no effort to make the site accessible in a way that would allow broad use even for those with disabilities.

 As part of the website’s accessibility we carried out among other things the following actions:

  1. Installation of an accessibility plug enabling expanded control from many components in the website.
  2. Keyboard navigation
  3. Zoom in and out of fonts
  4. Adapting the website to those with colorblindness
  5. Presentation of an alternative description for photographs
  6. Enlarge the display up to 200 percent
  7. Add color contrast options
  8. The website’s content is written in simple and clear manner

and more

We are continuing constantly our efforts to improve and update the website’s accessibility components to allow all segments of the population, including the disabled to enjoy fully the information in the website.

Means of accessibility for the disabled at our physical store

There is a ramp at the store’s entrance that enables a handicapped individual to enter the store.

The ramp also has a handrail and the aisles in the store are wide enough to facilitate easy passage.

Ofir Gibori is the company’s accessibility officer and can be reached at 052-5115111.

Should a customer encounter accessibility problems, please contact Ofir and one of the employees will accompany the customer to provide assistance.


Despite all our efforts to make the website accessible in the best possible way, if you still encounter any problem that does not allow you to browse the website comfortably, you can contact us directly and we will accompany you while browsing or explain and present to you the information you were unable to read or understand on the website.

Contact Person
Accessibility Official: Ofir Gibori
Telephone: 09-8952020


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