MC4 Solar Connectors

At A.D.R. Oron’s Solar Energy Systems Equipment Department, a solar energy system installation contractor can receive all the required electrical equipment for the installation’s completion.
We import and market cables, connectors, splitters, signage, wire boxes, cable locks, and more.
All are available in stock and in immediate supply.
Through our website, you can also order in a simple and fast way.
We market original MC4 and MC4 EVO2 1500VDC connectors manufactured by STAUBLI MULTI CONTACT, the only connectors that save you money:
Less resistance, less heating, more conductivity, and hence a higher electrical output for many years!
Moreover, we supply pressure devices for connectors and splitters with and without a fuse.

You will invest so much money in constructing a large-scale solar energy system – panels, inverters, and connectors, which make up less than half a percent of the cost of the entire system…

Hold On a Minute!
Are you aware that most downtime of strings in a solar energy system is due to poor quality connectors or by using a male and female that are not from the same manufacturer?
A European Union survey found that faulty/burnt connectors are the most significant cause of the loss of output.

With STAUBLI MULTI CONTACT’s original connectors, the resistance is significantly lower than the imitations existing in the marketplace and from STAUBLI MULTI CONTACT‘s direct competitor.

And finally, a low-quality connector hurts in the pocket – significantly
, the greatest financial damage in the solar energy system results from low-quality connectors that collapse after 3-5 years into the system’s operation.
Calculated, the cost of the connectors constitutes less than one-half of one percent of the system’s entire cost.
For the sake of illustration – a system that invests a million NIS in its construction, the cost of the connectors amounts to approximately NIS 12,000 if you buy original STAUBLI MULTI CONTACT connectors, and approximately NIS 8,000 if you buy connectors that are not manufactured in Europe. The difference is less than NIS 4,000 for a system that costs NIS 1 million. 

So do the math.

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