Flexible Halogen-Free Wires

Flexible Halogen-Free Wires

TOXFREE® ZH manufactured by the Spanish TOP CABLE Co.

The halogen-free cables and wiring emit less toxic gases and smoke during a fire than PVC cables and thus reduce the risk of human injury and damage to electronic equipment.

Please note the very significant difference between the models H07Z-K and H07Z1-K:
Although both are halogen-free, H07Z1-K model is compatible with work at a temperature no higher than 70° Celsius (158° F), while H07Z-K is compatible with working at 90° Celsius (194° F).

The numeral “1” makes all the difference between 70° and 90° Celsius.

H05Z-K & H07Z-K 90°C Flexible Wire

H07Z1-K 70°C Flexible Wire

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