H05Z1-K & H07Z1-K 70°C Flexible Wire


H05Z1-K & H07Z1-K is a LSHF flexible cable for fixed and protected installations.

It is highly recommended for use in public places such as:

hospitals, schools, museums, airports, bus terminals, shopping malls, offices, laboratories, etc.

Not suitable for wet places or immersed.

• Domestic use.

• Public places.

• Electrical panel wiring.



Electrolytic annealed copper conductor class 5 (flexible) according to EN 60228 and IEC 60228.


Halogen free flexible insulation.


Electrical performance:

Low voltage: 300/500 V. 450/750 V.

Rated Voltage: H05Z1-K (up to 1 mm2): 300/500 V.

H07Z1-K (from 1,5 mm2 onwards): 450/750 V.

Thermal performance:

Maximum service temperature: 70ºC.

Maximum short-circuit temperature: 160ºC (max. 5 s).

Minimum service temperature: -40ºC (fixed and protected installations).

Fire performance:

Flame non-propagation according to EN 60332-1 / IEC 60332-1.

Fire non-propagation according to EN 60332-3 / IEC 60332-3 and EN 50399.

Reaction to fire CPR: B2ca-s1a, d1, a1 (cable H07Z1-K) according to EN 50575.

Low smoke halogen free according to EN 60754-1 / IEC 60754-1.

Low corrosive gases emission according to EN 60754-2 / IEC 60754-2.

Low smoke emission according to EN 61034 / IEC 61034:


Light transmittance > 80%.

Mechanical performance:

Minimum bending radius: 5x cable diameter.

Environmental performance:

Chemical & Oil resistance: Acceptable.

Installation conditions:

In conduit.

Standards / Compliance

According to: 

EN 50525-3-31 / UNE 211002

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