Flexible cable for fixed installations with three phase conductors and protective conductor. For

fixed installations on ships and offshore units in all locations. Suitable for transporting and

distributing of electric power in installations where it’s required low smoke and halogen free

emissions under fire conditions. 

In the last years has increased the use of variation engines of speed by means of variation of

frequency, so much in the new industries like in the already installed ones, where gradually they

are replacing to the systems with traditional engines.

This new technology presents big advantages, but brings some disadvantages; one of these

disadvantages is the emission of electromagnetic waves of high frequency. A part of the solution

is obtained by choosing cable with an appropriate electromagnetic shield. Also, the solution is

obtained with a symmetrical distribution of the protective conductor in the interstices of the cable

(for small sections the symmetrical distribution is not necessary).

This cable type, that incorporate a special screen and have a symmetrical distribution of the

protective conductor, are adequate for facilities where is necessary avoid the interferences of

electromagnetic waves of high frequency of nearby circuits, as variation engines of speed.


This type of cable is basically designed, manufactured and tested according to IEC 60092-353 (for 3x + 3G cables)

available voltages: 0.6/1KV, 1.8/3KV



Bureau Veritas

Germanischer Lloyd


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