H05RN-F Cables


» Compatible for a moderate mechanical load in a dry, humid, or wet environment, and therefore for permanent installation in the open air and sunlight or in a closed canal.

» A multifunctional cable for LED lighting in indoor and outdoor installations, electrical equipment such as drills, portable equipment, and domestic and industrial power tools.

» Flexible and good mechanical strength.

Technical Data and Conditions for Installation

» Class 5 Flexibility

» Working temperature
 in movement up to +60°C
in permanent installation upto +60°C

Short-circuit temperature 250°C for 5 seconds

» Working voltage 300/500V

» Minimum bending radius: 
In movement 4X, the cable’s diameter
 In a permanent installation, 3X the cable’s diameter

» External installation includes in the open air and under the sun.

» Abrasion resistant

The Cable’s Structure

» Class 5 flexible bare copper conductor

» Rubber insulation

» External neoprene rubber sheath

» Black color

Compatible Cable Types

» Electrical power cables, control cables

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