EWKF Cable

Flexible Silicon EWKF 300/500V 180°C Cable for severe conditions


»A heat-protected cable, made of a silicone compound resistant to slitting and tearing, is therefore resistant to harsher environmental conditions than a normal silicone cable.

» Designed for areas exposed to extreme temperature changes.

»Permanently heat protected to 180°C.

»The cable’s flexibility allows for installation in narrow locations.

» Used in the glass, steel, and cement industries.

»Compatible with industrial ovens, light fixtures, ignition systems, light columns, and road lamps.

Technical Data and Conditions for Installation

»Working temperature -50° to +180°C.

»Working voltage 300/500 volts

»Testing voltage 2000 volts

»Protected from animal fats and oils, alcohol and chemicals.

»For installation solely in ventilated places to prevent damage to the silicon’s mechanical properties.



»Flame retardant

The Cable’s Structure

» Tin-coated class 5 flexible copper conductor

»EWKF silicone-based insulation

» Slit-protected EWKF silicone-based external sheath.

»Black color

Compatible Cable Types

Electrical power cable, control cable

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