SIHF Cable

SIHF 300/500V 180°C Cable


» Heat-protected cable, designed for areas exposed to extreme temperature changes. Permanently heat protected to 180°C.

» Used in the glass, steel, and cement industries.

»Compatible with industrial ovens, light fixtures, ignition systems, light columns, and road lamps.

Technical Data and Conditions for Installation

»Work temperature

»-60° to +180°C

»Briefly up to 220°C

»Working voltage 300/500 volts

»Testing voltage 2000 volts

»For installation solely in ventilated places to prevent damage to the silicon’s mechanical properties.

The Cable’s Structure

» Tin-coated class 5 flexible copper conductor

»Silicon insulation

»Silicon outer sheathing

»Reddish-brown color

Compatible Cable Types

»Electrical power cables, control cables

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