H05VVC4V5-F UL Command cable


» A flexible oil-protected cable for industrial use, in locations where there is electromagnetic interference.

» Compatible for intermediate mechanical loads, for use in dry, humid, or wet areas.

» For use in machinery and production line construction, command, signaling, control and measurement.

» For permanent and mobile installation, on the condition that heavy mechanical stress is not applied on the cable.

» Protected against oils, chemicals, grease and mineral oils.

Technical Data and Conditions for Installation

»Work temperature: Up to +70°C

»Maximum short-circuit temperature for 5 seconds: Up to 150°C

»Working voltage 300/500V

»Testing voltage 2000V

» Compatible for indoor use, in dry, humid, or wet locations.

»Incompatible for indoor use, unless UV radiation protected and within the permitted range of temperatrures.

The Cable’s Structure

» Conductor: Flexible Class 5 Copper

» Strand insulation: PVC

» Color coding: Black numbered strands. One of the strands is yellow/green

» The strands are twisted in concentric layers

» Interior sheathing: PVC

» Shielding: Tin-plated copper braided mesh

» Outer sheathing: oil-protected PVC

» Color: Gray 

Compatible Cable Types

» Command, Control, EMC Cables

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